Sunday 16 June 2013

News: Empress Miniatures Kick Starter

Here is some exciting news for those of us interested in Modern era wargaming. Empress Miniatures already makes some of the best modern military figures around, and they have just launched a Kickstarter project called Devil Dogs and Dragons to expand their range by doing and entirely new 'what if...' theatre. The idea is a cold war gone hot scenario in the pacific theatre. The range will include US marines, Chinese PLA and (if all things go well) some Aussie army and Special Forces. The Kickstarter has already reached its first goal, after just five days, and if it can raise enough it will include various stretch goals, including frog-men and Chinese special forces. Personally I would love to see Indian or Pakistani army too.

Now the PacWar scenario might not appeal to everyone, especially if you don't do modern era wargaming, but these figures will be useful for other settings too. Take a look at these US marines, and tell me that you aren't tempted to do 'Battle for Los Angeles'...

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Simon Quinton said...

I have looked at this KS It makes me want to do a Battlefield 2 themed gaming. Only problem is the lack of money! See this is where KS falls on its arse especially with so many great projects to back.

I really hope this gets made as I'd like some PLA