Friday 26 February 2010

As I mostly paint for pleasure, or to use the minis in role playing games. I don't spend much of my time making scenery, but scenery is an important part of any war game or skirmish game. I thought I would share one or two ideas I have had on the topic.

The game of Pulp City I recently played with Leon demonstrated how good looking scenery can really enhance a game. Leon did not scratch build much of his scenery, other that the excellent urban boards, but rather bought it, assembled and painted it himself. This method, while being expensive, is relatively quick (unless you include the hundreds of hours Leon spent trawling the net for suitable models- he could have built a real-scale city in that time!). I am kicking myself I never took my camera, but I promise I will next time we play. The pleasure of playing a war game or skirmish battle on a good board can not be overstated!

I continue to work on my cowboy scenery, which is a combination of scratch built and bought scenery. I have finished my third building now, and have bought some crates and barrels cast in resin. It's a time consuming activity, but very rewarding. It's also a bit cheaper too, which is important to me on my limited budgets- the joys of having kids and a mortgage! Hopefully soon I will have enough buildings to play a few games of Legends of the Old West.

I have also found a few bloggers who make scratch built scenery, and I have to say, they look amazing. Take a look at these for inspiration!

Wargaming Buildings, this one is a new find- fill a beautiful wild west buildings- be sure to look at the older posts!

Here's another wild west one, called The Beaver Examiner (it's work safe, I promise). This scenery is so detailed that I think you would be hard pressed to use it for war-gaming, but it is inspiring none the less.

Then these Reme Bostal, who is in a league of his own when it comes to scenery for gaming. This crazy Frenchman makes scenery for Heroclix, Horror Clix and Starwars CMG. He's a master, in my opinion. his sites in french, but his pictures are so fine that I will let him off with that!

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