Friday 26 February 2010

Today my good friend and gaming buddy Leon (who often supplies me with his hand-me-down surplus super heroic minis for this very blog) finally got around to a rematch of Pulp City, the 28mm Superhero Skirmish game.
This time we had a much bigger game, with seven supremes aside. I took the good side, while Leon played the bank-robbing super villains. The game lasted a little over two hours, and was great fun. I think I am staring to get the hang of the rules now.
Leon's war gaming scenery is excellent- he has been scouring the net for suitable urban scenery, and now has quite a collection. As well as buildings he has a number of smaller bits of scenery, such as park benches, trash cans and even cars. These can be tossed around by super strong characters, causing all sorts of mayhem. One of my heroes, who goes by the peculiar name of Six Feet Under, dispatched one of the villains with a deftly aimed drinks can machine! Great fun.

On a different note, I have done quite well in the first round of the Lead Painters League, having scored 72%! Yea me! Many thanks to everyone who took time to vote (assuming you voted for me that is!). Round two, the cowboy posse, is finished, photographed and sent in. I will post some pictures of them soon enough. Round three features some supernatural super villains, including a vampire, a witch and a demonic sorcerer. Keep checking in for more pictures.

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pulpcitizen said...

I enjoyed the game a lot Rob, we will need to have a rematch soon!

Congratulations on the result of the LPL First Round; I look forwards to seeing your next entry.