Thursday 18 February 2010

We went to Warhammer World in Nottingham for the school holidays. For those who might not know it is the head store, gaming facility and museum for games workshop.

My son Charlie and I had a great time. My wife and Eleanor enjoyed the facilities of Bugman's Bar (a warhammer Dwarf themed pub- I kid you not. It's like Disney world, only with severed orc heads nailed to the wall!)
I used to be a fanatical devotee to Games Workshop, and have, over the years, spent terrible amounts of money an their products. most of my lead mountain is old GW stuff. In the past few years I have diversified my interests, and have been buying my metal and plastics from other, often very small, independent, manufactures.

Seeing the 'Evey metal and Golden Demon-winner painted models up close has reminded me that GW still produce a lot of very nice figures, and have a huge back catalogue of figure ripe for conversion. I think I might have to return to my lead mountain soon, if only to paint one or two show models, rather that a whole army.

Charlie, by the way, spent his holiday money (well, my money, to tell the truth- he had already spend his) on some zombies. Being nine, and into heavy metal, he naturally has an unhealthy interest in the living dead, and the gorier the better. He has painted two so far, and I think they are rather good.

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pulpcitizen said...

Nice to see Charlie's handiwork - very gory, mate.