Thursday 18 February 2010

Dead lines can be a terrible thing, adding pressure and stress to an already hectic life, but they can also be great for getting things done that you might otherwise put off for another day.

I am thinking about a competition I am entering on the Lead Adventure Forum, called the Lead Painters League. As past of the rules of the LPL, competitors must paint five or more miniatures, that fit together in a certain theme. These must be previously unseen, so I can't just pick the five best heroes of my Blog, for example. There are also a number of bonus rounds, when competitors win extra points for entering five minis that match a certain theme determined by the organisers.

I have been busy preparing my first entry, five space pirates for my SciFi campaign. Unfortunate I cant show the picks here until the competition has started, or I invalidate my own entry. I also plan to do some more cowboys, a team of London based super heroes, and some evil zombie minions. Stay tuned.

I have been painting to another sort of deadline too, as our gaming group has started the Conan RPG campaign last week. Today I have been finishing off a villain for tonight's adventure, Amil-Abrack, a living Ka mummy. Here he is in all his dusty grave-good splendor!

This is a Reaper miniature- very nice to paint! I love the fact that he's all muscly and not dessicated like your usual mummy. I hope he gives the heroes a hard time!

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