Saturday 6 February 2010

I am sitting here trying to think of a name for the town that where I will set my Legends of the Old West Campaign. This is because I have just finished painting the towns general store, and want to come up with a place name to emblazoned across it's signage. Here are some I have come up with so far. All of these are, or have been, real place names in America.

Canyon Diablo
Cripple Creak
Hell's Hallow

I can't make up my mind. If any of the readers out there have a preference let me know. You could be the one who christens a new pioneer town!
I am indebted to the Legends of America site, who supplied these names, as well as many far too rude to consider (Big Bone Lick? What!)


pulpcitizen said...

Diablo City? Mixes the classic with the intials of Dodge City.

Six Iron Creek?

Goldrush? Goldrush City?

Molotov said...

Dust Falls?

Dead End?

Will Scarvie said...

How about "Dunmovin." That's the name of a real town in Eastern California. I imagine it was named by settlers heading West and just plain tired of traveling on down the dusty trail.