Thursday, 5 January 2012

African Shanty Town Shops

Once more inspired by the excellent Call of Duty MW3, I have built this row of shops form my African shanty town. It is inspired by the market scene in the missions 'Back on the Grid' and 'Fatal Extraction'. The building in notably more up-market that the shanties, and reflects the fact that the shop owners have got a little bit more resources than their poor neighbours.

Its a two story building with a flat roof and a balcony. Access to the roof is either up a ladder on the side or up a stairwell inside. The roof and the first floor are removable to allow figures to be place inside.

I know it's not quite a shanty, but even in shanty towns you are going to have to go some where to buy your food and AK47 ammunition. It adds a bit of height to the battle field, and as it is one of the only brick build structures in the area, I am sure it will be a desirable objective in a fire fight.

I am going to add some market stalls, and build the dilapidated church that also features in those COD: MW3 missions.

I can even remove the balcony floor all together and opt for a single story building with a flat roof.


Simon Quinton said...

Very nice. Post apocalyptic use too

Jay said...

Ditto to Brummie's "very nice!"

Ray Rousell said...

Great building!, very well doe!!

pulpcitizen said...

Looks ace. The Shanty Town has shaped up well. Collective picture soon?

Dr. Willett's Workshop said...

Very good building, plenty of use for it!