Friday 20 January 2012

Beat-up Banger for African Shanty Town

Here's my latest bit of scenery for my African slum- A rusty old car. This car is well past its sell by date, but some ingenious mechanic has managed to keep it serviceable, just about, by retooling parts from other cars and welding flattened-out oil cans to the body to repair the holes. More rust that car, its unlikely to provide much cover in the event of a fire fight.This one was another Disney Cars vehicle. He was called 'Fred'. I am not very familiar with the films but I think he was a character in a spin off TV series. The only conversion I had to make was to re-sculpt the front bumper (fender) with green stuff, as it was twisted into a goofy smile. Very heavy rust and weathering seemed the order of the day.


Jay said...


Simon Quinton said...

very good unless you would of said it was from Cars I wouldn't of known

pulpcitizen said...

Superb work mate. :)