Thursday 12 January 2012

Evil Genius and Goons (KKBB)

Since my good lady wife bought me the entire range of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (KKBB) stuff for Christmas, I have been painting a few of them, just to try out some ideas.

KKBB is based on the old spy movies and TV series from the sixties and seventies, like James Bond and The Man from UNCLE. Drawing on this source, and the spoof movie Austin Powers, I have opted to paint my KKBB stuff very colourful. This will also be a nice change from my VBCW painting, which, being set in 1938, has used very dowdy and dull colours.

Here is my first KKBB post. Evil genius Doctor Helmut Von Kriegg, megalomaniac scientist dedicated to world domination, along with some of his jump-suited henchmen and, of course, his pet Persian cat, Mr Pickles.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is a range of miniatures jointly sculpted and manufactured by Artizan Designs and Copplestone Castings. Here the evil genius was from Artizan, and the henchmen from Copplestone.

Obviously there is some cross-over potential to my to my
four-colour stuff here too. The henchmen could easily be employed by a super villain, which is useful.


Simon Quinton said...

Very nice I recently painted him and put him up on my own blog its a really nice figure. If you where after some more goons, Crooked Dice do some excellent minions that come with alternate heads. There are some more due next month

Modest Miniatures said...

Lovely job there. Those are some seriously tempting miniatures. All you need now is an evil lair to fight over!