Wednesday 18 January 2012

Ray Gunn: Soldier of the Future!

A while ago, when I posted the dastardly Doctor Dust, Jay asked to see Dust's nemesis, Ray Gunn. It's take me this long to get round to digging Gunn out, dusting him off and photographing him. Anyway, preamble over, here is my favorite pulp hero Ray Gunn: Soldier of the Future.

Ray Gunn is a pulp ere hero who found himself trapped in the early twentieth century after falling through a time portal while fighting forces of the Potentate of Mars in the twenty third century. Ray Gunn uses his superior scientific knowledge, along with his trusty pistol and two fists, to right wrongs and protect the weak.

The figure is a Heresy crewman, with a gun swap. The retro style gun is on one of the Heresy weapons sprues. I painted this a while ago, and I think it shows. My painting technique has really improved in the last couple of years since I have been photographing my figures and blogging about them. These something about blowing up a 28mm mini to seven inches high that really shows the areas you need to improve on. That said, I love this little guy, not least because he has got the coolest pulp hero name ever!


pulpcitizen said...

An oldie but goodie?

Ray Rousell said...


Jay said...

Great lookin' hero! He'll "dust" the bad guys with a quick seep of his hand! BTW, is Ray wearing a beard? If!