Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Happy New Year

As this is the first post of 2011, I feel it is customary to offer a quick review of the year, and to outline the planed projects form the next 12 months.
As far as the blog goes, it continues to go from strength to strength. In January 2010 I had 3 followers; in 2011 I had 33. Now I have 68, including many loyal followers who regularly post comments, which is fantastically encouraging to me.
My mate Leon often is often playfully critical that the content of the blog has deviated away from the core content, four colour superheroes and villains, and it has, to an extent, as I have began to include other projects I have been working on. 2011 saw more VBCW, a few pulp heroes, more zombies, some more sci-fi, 15mm zombies, flames of war, and of course my new obsession, the African shantytown. That said, 29 of the 95 blog entries last year were, in some way, related to four colour superheroes, so that’s still a strong theme.
My plans for 2012, apart from preparing for the forth coming end-of-the-world by stocking up on zombie fighting equipment (somehow I am sure that the apocalypse will certainly include zombies), will be to complete the shanty town, then populate it with some African militias and some special forces for force-on-force; to add more 15mm zombies and some police to my collection, and to build more cardstock buildings for my zombie survivors to fight over (a mall or a hospital seem likely); my VBCW army will be expanded too, starting with the royalist defenders of Chester, although I have plenty of ideas for the Wirral Socialist Council too. Of course, I will continue to add more super-powered core content to the blog as the year goes on.
One exciting new project for 2012, and one I know Brummie is going to enjoy, is Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (KKBB). KKBB to the uninitiated is a range of retro-spyfi miniatures produced by Copplestone Casting and Artizan Designs, reflecting the golden age of spy movies like James Bond, Man from UNCLE and the Avengers. Luckily for my, by wife was kind enough to buy the entire KKBB range for me for Christmas, and soe I will certainly be rolling them out throughout the year, along with some suitable scenery (doomsday devices and shark pools seem inevitable!). Gaming-wise, Leon and I plan on using 7TV, but I haven’t read the rules yet, so I couldn’t comment on the game. So there you go. One year down and another stretching out ahead of us (well until all that business with the zombies at least). I hope this year brings you all you want, and thanks for reading.


Ray Rousell said...

When your pal Leon gets his own blog then he can be critical, so tell him I said, Bog Off!! ;0)
You've got a well trained lady there, buying you figures for a Christmas pressie, well done Mrs Rob!!
I'll look forward to seeing them painted!! Have a great New Year!

Rob Bresnen said...

Leon's blog is Pulp Citizen, which is dedicated to the Pulp City Game. So I can't really comment too much. Other than to say he's a bit obsessed with just one game, where as I have a more rounded, cultivated gaming pallet. Thanks for the commnets Ray.

pulpcitizen said...

Don't forget 'Leon' has another focus-free blog as well... ;)

The Haggis said...

Hi, I've been a reader for a while but not and official "follower". I didn't know if you have heard, but there is a new range of supers on the horizon as well. Crossover Miniatures.

I'm the guy trying to get it started, we have high hopes for the new year and only 14 days to make it happen. Check us out.


(If this seems to spammy, please delete it. I didn't know how to send you a message otherwise.)

Thanks, Rusti