Friday 13 January 2012

Ulric Bloomen: Agent for Hire (KKBB)

The world is full of unsavory characters willing to sell their services to the highest bidder. This is a resent pictures of Ulric Bloomen, a former East German spy, who now works as a freelance agent and assassin.

Another Copplestone KKBB figure, and a particular nice one. I always love painting Mark Copplestones stuff- he is by far my favorite sculptor when it comes to painting- his stuff might not be that dynamical posed, but his clean lines, lack of clutter and his characterful faces are always fun to paint.
My instinct when I picked up this figure was to painting him in dowdy colours, perhaps a grey or navy jacket etc, but I fought the urge and adopted my KKBB mantra- 'Brighter is better'- and opted for lime green. I am delighted with the result, a this figure immediately stands out from my VBCW figures with his unlikely choice of coat. Not very inconspicuous form a spy, I will grant you, but I think it has a cool retro Austin Powers look to it. So far I am pleased with the way my colours are coming out with this range.


pulpcitizen said...

Very nice; I especially like the highlighting on the jacket (makes me think the trews could do with some sharper highlighting though).

Simon Quinton said...

Very good I might adopt some brighter colours with me next few. The KGB figures are some of my favorites out of the KKBB set. My favorites that I enjoyed painting mose where the 'Soul Section'

PMMDJ said...

Man, the Kiss Kiss Bang Bang range was tempting before, and your paint jobs are only making it worse.

Jay said...

The KKBB characters are coming to life! Nice job.