Friday 25 March 2011

BUF Mobile Information Wagon

Captain Webster is CO of the Manchester British Union Of Fascists company station at Hoole Hall, near Chester. He was a man who has a grammar school education, and remembers well the lessons of history. "Who ever controls the mob, controls Rome"; With that classic adage in mind, he has coined an imaginative way of promoting his cause (by which he means the BUF and the King's, of course).
The Mobile Information Wagon is Websters latest brain wave, it houses the latest advanced technological equipment, such as loud speakers, a mobile printing press for pamphlets and gramophone recordings of rousing patriotic music and long rambling speeches by Prime Minister Oswald Moseley. It travels around the countryside and towns, ensuring the populous remember who is running this country.
The first two Information Wagons were destroyed by angry rioters, but the Webster ordered his men to add boiler plate armour to the latest wagon, making this one a little more durable. Now it is time to unleash the new Mobile Information Wagon on the people of Chester and South Wirral.

This is a lledo Walkers crisps van I found on Ebay, with a few modifications. The loud speakers I bought of my son (I know!). There out of his Lego box.

In our game it will count as a lightly armoured vehicle, with out weapons or troop carrying capacity (the back is full of pamphlets and other equipment). it will have a detrimental effect on the enemies morale and communication (it's sort of an anti-standard bearer).


Smillie said...

nice work, looks just right, I have a huge box of lego from my childhood in the parents loft might have to dig it out!

Allison M. said...

I would _hope_ the little one was compensated for the loss of his Lego :) Those loudspeakers are useful for lots of things!