Friday 11 March 2011

Silent Blades

The Dojo of the Purple Lotus, based in the rougher districts of Tokyo, is a seemingly ordinary working class gym and dojo. That is until one scrapes a little deeper, and finds that it is the home to a criminal organisation that trains assassins, and then hires out their services to the highest bidder. The killer known only as Silent Blades, is perhaps their greatest protegee and their greatest failure.
Born to a lower caste family, she was sold to the Yakusa at an early age, and handed over to the Purple Lotus for training. She excelled at every manner of killing, and in many ways was a model student. Unfortunately, she was also stubborn and rebellious, something her masters never managed to beat out of her. Once she had finished her training, she turned on the Purple Lotus, killing her former master after a exhausting battle, then hunted down and murdered her former owners- the Yakusa gang who had bought her. She fled Tokyo for Europe, where she still works, hiring out her services to anyone who can afford her fees. She is still hunted by the Yakuza and by the Purple Lotus, and they would pay well for any information as to her location.
with the Lead Painters League looming, I wanted to get a bit of practice in, so I painted this lovely miniature. I am rather pleased with the way she came out. This mini is a Reaper assassin I have had for a long time, just waiting to be used. It's a nice posed figure, but the sculpting on the legs is a bit poor, given reapers usual high standards. That said, I am delighted with the latest villainous addition to my supers collection. I have already done her stats up for Squadron UK. She is very dangerous.

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