Monday 28 March 2011

Ra RA RA! We're Off to Smash the Oiks!

The King's School in Chester is one of oldest schools in Cheshire, having been founded in the reign of King Henry VIII. It has a long history of educating the boys of the bright and good of the Empire, training future generations to be leaders, businessmen and administrators. During the Great War the school formed a Cadet Rifle Corp, training the future generations to lead the man into the slaughter of Flanders.

With the outbreak of the so called British Civil War the Head Master ordered the formation of a new Cadet Rifle Corp. Headed up by maths master Eric Watson, a veteran of the Great War, they represent a well motivated and organised militia force at the disposal of the Duke of Farnham in the defence of Chester.

This minis are made by Gripping Beast in their Woodbine range. They are meant to represent specific characters in a Dr Who episode (The Family), but are also perfect for VBCW. As far as I know they are in the authentic colours of the King's School, and yes, the King's School really did have a Cadet Corp during WW1! That's what I love about the 1938:VBCW setting, when you start looking into local history you uncover these gems of knowledge that are far more bizarre than anything you could make up.

In our game will be using FUBAR. The cadets will be 'Green' troops, but the inclusion of Master Watson will upgrade them to 'Seasoned' due to his iron discipline, strict rifle drill and battlefield experience.


Desert Scribe said...

Nice idea for a faction in your skirmish games. So is your headline a Young Ones reference?

Rob Bresnen said...

It's good to see my readers are teh cultured type who would ge a referance like that.

Allison M. said...

These remind me of the armed private school boys in two Doctor Who episodes (second new series I believe) - they help the doctor fight off aliens and animated scarecrows.

Maybe that's less cultured than the Young Ones ;)

Desert Scribe said...

Up Scumbag! Up Scumbag!