Friday 4 March 2011

Using BAM plastic bits for VBCW

A few months ago I bought a box of plastic Tommies (ie WW2 British soldiers) from Warlord Games (their Bolt Action Miniatures- or BAM- collection, to be precise). These were £20 for 25 plastic minis. There was some debate on the various forums as to wither that represented good value for money, giving that you can buy 20 metal BAM for £25, and metal minis are a lot less bother to put together (and are arguable more durable). My feeling is that, while metal minis are much easier, this overlooks the fact that you can use the extra bits you haven't used up for conversions etc. Here a few shots of some of the components I have used converting models for my VBCW army. See what you think.

A west Wind Resistance Fighter- he was carrying a Sten gun, so was no good for VBCW, as it's the wrong period. I cut the gun away, then used a saw to cut a grove into his fist. The BAM Tommy gun slipped in nicely. Quick but of green stuff over the fingers, and it's done!

Musketeer Miniatures Standard Bearer- I already have this model with a flag pole- it was simple enough to use the duplicate by drilling into his fist and slipping the BAM trenching tool into the hole. A Black Tree Designs Boer War mini, and a Musketeer Miniatures Lewis gunner, with nice new helmets. In the BAM kit the helmets are separate to the heads. This make it simple to change the helmet on a model by cutting away his hat or hair and gluing in into position. This is great for these two models, who would be impossible to head swap with, because it would have damaged the weapons.

Following 6mlPhills suggestion, I used the BAM Tommies to make drivers for my fast scout cars. Still a WIP, but I think you get the idea. The car is Lledo.

I hope this might inspire you, and make you look again at the BAM plastics.


Anonymous said...

Nice conversions. Look forward to seeing them finished... Thats the very same head I chose for my driver... the head just looking so gentleman-motorist.
I'm adoring these plastics, I did a few metal hacks for VBCW and didn't enjoy them and didn't want to do many more, quite the opposite with the BAM plastics.
Although metal remains my fave for all round standard gaming pieces.

darren redstar said...

thats lenin in the car!