Tuesday 15 March 2011

West Midlands Military Show

This Sunday saw Wolverhampton hosting the West Midlands Military Show, a wargaming and military model convention. This was the first year I had been to the event (actually it was the first year I had even heard of it). The hall was crammed with retail stalls and demonstration games, along with a huge number of chubby middle aged bearded blokes (of which I am of course included- nothing like conforming to a stereotype to help blend into the crowd). There were a few notable retailers missing, such as Gripping Beast and Copplestone Castings, that I had expected to see because they are local, but on the whole there was a great choice of manufacturers and retailers there- some of which were completely new to me, which was nice.

A Peninsular War Board- very characterful and atmospheric- not my period, but it made me want to start!

I went with me old mate Leon, who was reluctant to venture out in day-light. I managed to lure him with talk of new metal shiny things for his collection.
We set off, and got there about 30 minutes after it had opened- which is the best way as there was no queues. We set of orientating ourselves to the stores, and plotting what to buy. Unfortunately, with my holidays imminent I had a strict budget, although I could easily have spent twice as much- very tempting. I'm away during Salute 2010, so this was a chance to splurge some cash on more lead for the lead mountain.

Check out this AWI table by Ladywood wargamers- I love these frontier town- it looks like something form Dr Quinn- Medicine Woman!

I bought a new carrying case from KR muilticase, which will be for my VBCW stuff. I also bought six pack mules (for Cowboys, and also for VBCW- when the petrol runs out), some more heads for my VBCW Militia men from West Wind Games Berlin or Bust range. Perhaps most randomly of all, I also bought a box of Gripping Beasts plastic Saxons.

"Saxons?" I hear you say "What?".
Well at least that's what Leon said. And my wife when I got home. I don't know what I was thinking, but they just looked soooo nice!
A very interesting game of Plains Indians Vs Cowboys- Nice scenery!

After spending all my cash - I was lucky there was no cash point, because I was sorely tempted to spend more- Leon and I wandered about the gaming tables, admiring the scenery, taking a few photos and chatting. Everybody was very friendly: Well there was one table where the gaming group were using computers instead of dice to resolve their battles, but they looked like they were having a miserable time so we avoided them, but otherwise everyone was great.
Critical Mass- A very interesting possibility.

We did play a very cool game called Critical Mass, which was a 15mm Scifi Game. We only played a quick game, but both found the game to be entertaining, and the miniatures to be most interesting. I think that could definitely be a future project. Critical Mass is still at the Beta stage of development, but the writers hope that the printed rules will be out in September 2011.

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