Sunday 20 March 2011

VBCW Civilians

Civil war is something of a misnomer. It is a sad fact that when a country is torn apart by violence and strife it is often the ordinary citizens who are the ones most grievously harmed. This bunch of civilians, innocent bystanders in the battles of the 1938 Very British Civil War, are just an example at the sort of folks who are the true victims of the war. Depicted are Beth Holmes, a house maid; Biggins, Lord Farnham's butler; Little Jimmy Patrick, a curious schoolboy; Mr Pennington esquire, a gentleman farmer; Old Gibbons, the village grave digger; and Mrs Mavis Longwood, a spinster.

This was my first entrance into the Lead Painters League- 2011. The theme for the round was Civilians and Bystanders. I seized the opportunity to get some of the VBCW Civilians I had kicking around painted. I think one of the cool things about the LPL is that you end up painting stuff you might otherwise put off, like these lovely models.

I didn't do too well in this round, having been randomly drawn against a very nicely painted entry. Better luck next week.

If you are curious, the maid, butler and grave digger are by Artizan Designs, from the Thrilling Tales range. The boy, the portly farmer and the spinster are by Gripping Beast, from their Woodbine range.

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